March Meetup about Modules

We had our March meetup at Monster’s London office, so grateful for the hospitality!

We had two talks, one from Freddie Sackur, from Rackspace, presenting Powershell Cmdlets. You can grab his code on github:

And Ebru Cucen, presenting the lifecycle of the Modules, you can find the slides, and sourcecode

Hope you enjoyed it!

Please join us on our slack channel, if you have not already done so, to have a question, to meet with like-minded people!

October Meetup at London

We will be hosting our next meetup on Thursday, 27th of October at Microsoft Paddington Office.

This time we have a special guest from Redmond! Yochay Kiriaty(@yochayk), Azure Websites Principal Project Manager Lead at Microsoft is in town for the Serverlessconf! He’s kind enough to take some time to demo Azure functions with PowerShell during our next user group, Thursday 27th of October.

Freddie Sackur, who also open-sourced his PasswordVault module following our last meetup, will present a follow-up to Martin’s talk: Building Web APIs with PowerShell.