Steven Murawski is back in Town

Hi fellow PowerShellers,

Steven Murawski is back in town, and he was so kind to do a session for us on 12th of October.

Happy to see you too!

Configuration management is scary with Steven Murawski and Jeffrey Snover

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017, 6:30 PM

Fujitsu Ltd.
22 Baker Street London, W1U 3BW, GB

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We are happy to welcome back Steven Murawski (Microsoft, formerly Chef and Stack Exchange) following his excellent sessions at our PSDay event.Additionally, the “Father of PowerShell” Jeffrey Snover (Microsoft) is in town and will join us to wrap up the evening.Thanks very much to Fujitsu for hosting us again at their Baker Street office, and eSy…

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July Meetup with WinOps

Two great news: we will have a joint event with WinOps and Jaap Brasser is coming over from Amsterdam to give a talk on ChatOps on Thursday 20th of July. He will cover a range of topics regarding Chat automation and the possibilities this gives us. We will dive into the concept of ChatOps, what it is, how we can implement it and what the benefits are. After this brief introduction, we will dive into real-world examples of setting up and configuring your first chatbot, configuring security and resolving real-world incidents using this chatbot.

You can RSVP on WinOps page!

Looking forward to seeing you!



Half-day Powershell

With the demand of our community, we will organise a half-day event with 2 tracks.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Please tell us which track you are interested in when you RSVP, as we have limited space for each session. Sign up here:

Time Presenter Track1:
Essentials [100]
Presenter Track2:
Advanced Track [300]
9:30:11:00 Ebru Cucen Commands&
Gael Colas Objects Deep Dive
11:00-11:30 Break
11:30-13:00 Ebru Cucen Objects&
Martynas Valkunas IAAS Automation with Powershell on Azure





This session is for people who want to learn PowerShell with all the fundamentals. First, there will be an introduction of the tools, environment, and demonstration of the common use case scenarios. Then, we will go through types of commands, i.e. functions, cmdlets; how they are used and what are the rules to create them properly. The last topic will be parameters, we will learn types of parameters, i.e. mandatory/optional/common parameters; parametersets; and how to validate parameters.



This session will focus on objects for PowerShell, first creating objects from .NET Framework/COM Object, the differences of New-Object, PSObject and PSCustomObject, and then we will be writing our own custom objects with a variety of methods, i.e. Hash, PSCustomObject Type, Classes, and Modules. Then we will go through the pipeline features, with most common cmdlets for filtering, ordering, and modifying the output objects, as well as how parameter binding happens.


Ebru is an independent developer, consultant, trainer on Cloud Architecture and DevOps Toolset, ex-.NET developer background, she enjoys working cross-platform, being part of the communities to explore/share and learn more!  You can reach her on




PowerShell is object oriented… So What!?
In this workshop, we will explore the concepts of objects in PowerShell and their characteristics, from the basics that are types, Properties, methods to more advanced topics such as the Adapted/Extended Type System (ATS & ETS) and their usage, object serialisation, and their behaviour through the pipeline.
We’ll see some practical application when writing functions, and how to create custom type format for the Shell.
If we get the time, we’ll explore the concepts of Classes in PowerShell, and see applications and pitfalls to avoid.


During this session, you will have a chance to expose PowerShell capabilities deploying infrastructure resources within Azure. First, we will go and deploy the full range of infrastructure – Virtual Network, Subnets, storage accounts, Windows VMs in Availability Sets, Network Load Balancers using just PowerShell. On the second approach, we will deploy exact the same resources with ARM template initiating the deployment via PowerShell. This session will give you the better understanding how to get the advantage of automating deployments as well as choosing the right tools and methods.


Martynas is Microsoft Azure MVP, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Elastabytes based in London, UK. Focusing on architecture designs and technical implementations, as well as automation, always hands on. Martynas is helping others to get the best cloud experience possible and making the journey easier by sharing his knowledge. Thrilled about where the technology and innovations are taking the world.

First Scottish Meetup

On 12th of April, Scottish Powershell User Group will be organising their first meetup by Paul Broadwith. If you want to join or know someone who may enjoy meeting with like-minded people, here is the link:

Scottish PowerShell & DevOps User Group (@ScotPSUG)

Glasgow, GB
45 Coders

A group for anyone interested in PowerShell and Devops (sometimes called WinOps). We focus on any technology with a use for PowerShell including full .NET PowerShell, PowerShe…

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