We are a Group of users that want to get together as user groups across the UK and get involved with the Community on a larger scale.

Where? Who? Twitter Meetup
London Daniel Krebs@Dan1el42
Gael Colas @gaelcolas
Ebru Cucen @ebrucucen
@lonpsug Get-PSUGUK-London
Manchester Ryan Yates @ryanyates1990 @getpsugukman Get-PSUGUK
Scotland Paul Broadwith @pauby @ScotPSUG Scottish-PowerShell-User-Group
Southampton Jonathan Medd @jonathanmedd  @UKSthCoastPSUG South Coast Powershell User Group
Your city You?? You Decide! You Meet!

We also have a Slack team for general PowerShell Chatter – If you want to be invited please drop your email in the box below